Dr. Fergus Heffernan will attend the Mercy Secondary School at 7pm on Tuesday 8th March to give a talk on Understanding the Emotional Wellbeing of Teenagers and Children and the Family.

Dr. Heffernan is a leading educator in the area of stress management and how it connects to our wellbeing. He has worked in a variety of conflict zones in the world and is a psychologist and a psychotherapist.

The presentation will look at why our teenagers and our children do not have appeared to have developed resilience. Research has found that a quarter of second level students in in Ireland self-harm and suffer anxiety disorders, and this is now beginning to manifest in the primary school setting. Meanwhile, many young children are not learning relationship skills or empathy as they are only learning virtual relationships via screens.

Dr Heffernan’s talk is aimed at parents, guardians and people who play a key role in supporting the emotional wellbeing of teenagers and young children. It will take in how people can look after themselves in these challenging roles.

Dr Heffernan employs a wonderfully honest, heartfelt, practical and often times humorous approach to the subject of mental health and family issues. His listeners will be provided with plenty of material for ongoing reflection. Talk is for parents only.

Wellbeing evening with Dr. Fergus Heffernan

Wellbeing evening with Dr. Fergus Heffernan

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