Behaviour – (Extracts from State Examination Rules)

  1. During the exam, a candidate shall not:
  • Use, or attempt to use, notes of any kind
  • Aid, or attempt to aid, another candidate
  • Obtain, or attempt to obtain, aid from another candidate
  • Communicate, or attempt to communicate, in any way, with another candidate
  1. A candidate shall, in all matters relative to the examination, submit to, and obey, the directions of the Superintendent (Supervisor).
  2. A candidate should raise his/her hand if he/she wishes to attract the attention of the Superintendent during the examination.
  3. A candidate may not be permitted to leave the hall and return during the examination period unless the Superintendent is satisfied that the candidate’s need to leave the hall is genuine.
  4. The use of calculators is allowed in all examinations, subject to the following:
  • The proper working condition of the calculator is the responsibility of the candidate
  • Calculators may not be borrowed from other candidates during the examination.
  • Candidates must indicate on their answerbooks the make and model of any calculator(s) used in the examination.
  • Candidates are not allowed to take an instruction manual into the examination hall. This includes instructions printed on the cover.

This rule does not allow a candidate to bring into the examination centre any device that would be otherwise prohibited. In particular, mobile phones, electronic organisers or similar devices are not permitted under any circumstances.

  1. A candidate may be expelled from the examination hall if his/her behaviour is such as to jeopardise the successful conduct of the examination.


  1. Make sure you write on EVERY sheet of paper you submit.
  • your name,
  • the schools name and
  • the schools address
  1. The Examination Paper must be submitted along with your scripts.
  2. Only when your script has been handed up are you allowed to take out books for studying your next exam.
  3. Make sure you have everything you need – refill pad, biros, pencils, maths set, calculator, eraser, ruler etc. The borrowing of anything is not permitted.
  4. Bags are not permitted in the exam centres.
  5. Drinks: You are allowed to bring in a SMALL bottle of water, nothing else.


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