Welcome to the new Numeracy Challenge, below you will find some of this month’s numeracy challenge.
All answers must be emailed to the following address by the end of each month to numeracy@prescurrylea.com
You must submit an answer for each problem separately using Minor, Junior or Senior as subject.

All Junior Certificate students (1st , 2nd and 3rd year) can enter the Junior category.

The Minor category  is open to First Years only

All students can enter the Senior category.

One person can enter more than one category

Email format should be similar to this
To :- numeracy@prescurrylea.com
From :- JaneBloggs@hotmail.com
Subject :- MINOR
My name is Jane Bloggs and my answer is XYZ

Minor:  How many lines in a sonnet?

Junior: How many lines in

  1. An octet ?
  2. A sestet ?
  3.  A quatrain ?

Senior: Explain the term ‘iambic pentameter’.

Numeracy Challenges for May

Numeracy Challenges for May

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