Every year a magazine committee is formed to work on our annual production of “The Quill”. The committee is open to all 5th Year students and anyone interested will be delegated a job! Everyone gets an opportunity to become involved in an area of interest to them, be it Editorial, Art, Photography, Advertising or Finance. The Editor is a much-respected, much coveted position which involves a substantial workload but reaps huge rewards!

Students learn new skills in Photography, Finance, and Advertising, the latter being at times our biggest headache but also our most valuable asset in making “The Quill” a reality.

All students are encouraged to submit material and this is often the breeding ground for many budding journalists and artists. Activities and school events of the past year are recorded along with a variety of stories, poems and photos reflecting daily school life at Currylea. Work on the school magazine begins in October and only ends with the distribution of the finished product at the end of May.

Presentation students say that the end of the school year would not be the same without their beloved “Quill” and the 2009 edition is already eagerly anticipated! While the First Years are delighted to see themselves in class photos for the first time in the “Quill”, the Leaving Certificate students can reminisce over their final year at Currylea. “The Quill” is essentially a book of memories. Don’t miss our 2009 issue- another gem for the collection!

Irish Times – Arthru

The Transition Year students have just completed a magazine which they have called “Athru”. This publication represents their best literary endeavours and includes short stories, political analysis, poetry and book reviews. The girls have entered Athru for the Irish Times National Competition and eagerly await the results.

Contents include:
How to survive T.Y.
The fashion show
The US Presidential
Book reviews, film reviews
Etc, etc.

Science Week

Over the last few years Presentation Currylea has enthusiastically embraced National Science Week. Visits have been made to the Atlantaquarium, Salthill and to theatre presentations. Scientists have visited us in the school and given our students the opportunity to make and launch their own rockets, and carry our experiments to enhance their understanding of weather systems.

Drama & Shows

In recent years we in Presentation, Currylea have been involved in the production of a number of original dramas. In 2009 we will return to a more traditional school musical and have already decided on “The Wizard of Oz”. Auditions will begin on September 1st and we hope to take the cast primarily from first and transition year.

Also, each class is represented in an annual charitable event which is open to all. In the past we have tasted the excitement of “Eurovision”, “X-Factor” and “High School Musical”. This year many students were more than willing to embrace the limelight once again for this year’s spectacular new show, our very own “Pres’s got Talent”, performed by all with great gusto. The competition this year was won by one of our First Year groups, with a performance of a medley of popular tunes. Proceeds from all shows go to various charities, such the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind or the Tuam Alzheimer’s society.

Debating and Public Speaking

Debating and Public Speaking play a major role in extra-curricular activities in Currylea. Students are involved in debating from First Year through to Leaving Cert.

Juniors Inter class
NUIG Public Speaking for Juniors

Seniors Concern Debate
NUIG Literary and Debating
Galway Professional Womens’ Assocation
Mental Health

Our twin school

Amawele in Xhosa means twin. We have been partnered with a developing school in South Africa and are buzzing with excitement and eagerness The aim of Amawele in Ireland is to promote cultural and educational exchanges between Irish schools and educational facilities in the eastern and western Capes. This assignment also hopes to increase the number of young people in South Africa who have access to properly structured education.

We have already raised over two thousand euro for our twin school one third of whose students are HIV positive. The anti-viral drugs available are ineffective in treating the children as many of them are malnourished and therefore unable to process the treatment. Our big ambition is to provide funds for the school so that it can provide the students with food at school.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

Deántar an-iarracht meon dearfach i leith na Gaeilge a chothú sna daltaí sa scoil seo agus go bhfeicfear an Ghaeilge mar theanga bheo thaitneamhach. Gach bliain bíonn go leor imeachtaí ar siúl sa scoil i rith Seachtain na Gaeilge mar shampla, Tráth na gCeist idir ranganna, an scoil a mhaisiú le postaeir agus fógraí Gaeilge, comórtas díospóireachta, léirítear drámaí Gaeilge agus bíonn comórtais spóirt ar siúl. Chomh Maith le sin bíonn ceolchoirm ar siúl. Tá amhránaithe, ceoltóirí, agus rinceoirí den scoth againn agus baineann gach duine taitneamh as an gceolchoirm. Chomh maith le sin chuir daltaí na hIdirbhliana clár raidió le chéile don chomórtas a bhí eagraithe ag Gael Linn. I mbliana beidh Aifreann Gaeilge ar siúl sa scoil seo. Beidh an t-Aifreann á chraoladh ag Raidió na Gaeltachta.
“Beatha teanga í a labhairt”.


The school has a Choir, an Orchestra, and a Traditional Group, all of which are kept busy throughout the year in preparing for various music events. There is also a Liturgical Choir for Masses, Carol Services and any other liturgical events which take place during the school year. Musical instruments, piano lessons and practice rooms are available to students. Musical students are always highly involved in any shows, plays or special events. They do not have to study Music as a subject to partake in musical activities.
The music department always play a major role in the school productions and last year the music department was involved with two recordings for national radio.

Computer room. The Presentation College Computer Suite was recently refurbished with state of the art computers, printers and chairs. It is now an important resource for the school, used for research in
– Core curricular subjects
– Transition Year
– Careers


Our students’ results in exams and their art work speaks for itself!

Is this a record? In 2006, every student in the Junior Cert. Art class achieved a grade A in the Junior Cert. Examination.

School Tours

Presentation College has a long and successful tradition of organising school tours. Our students have travelled to France, Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Perhaps the best tour of all was when our students travelled to New York as guests of AIB, to reward them for achieving first place in the All-Ireland Build a Bank competition.
We organise two tours every year, one for Seniors and one for Juniors. As a staff, we are convinced of the educational value of school tours and from experience we know that students get the opportunity to gain an insight into the history and culture of countries and peoples they would not gain on a sun holiday. From a student
perspective the memories of school tours are some of the most special and lasting, stories told and retold for many years.
In 2009 or Senior students will visit Berlin while our Juniors will explore Paris.


Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast

President’s Award

Students have been participating in the “Gaisce” President’s Award Scheme for the past 20 years. It is the nation’s highest award to young people between the ages of 15 and 25 years. The Award Programme aims to develop in the student a sense of self-discipline, courage and commitment to community. It challenges the student to undertake graded activities in order to progress from Bronze to Silver to a Gold award. Gaisce is non-competitive, in that each person who achieves their goal will get their Award.