Our Transition year students are mounting a major exhibition focusing on the ten historical events, which have impacted on the life of our town. The events we have chosen are:

  1. Tuam Railway
  2. The burning of Tuam
  3. 1916
  4. World War 1
  5. World war 2
  6. Tuam Mother and Baby home
  7. The development of Education/ Schools in Tuam
  8. Emigration
  9. Tuam sugar factory
  10. The famine

If you have photographs, letters, postcards, stories, artefacts, ration books, receipts, posters etc, please contact us. We will photocopy and return immediately. This exhibition will go on public display in the Tuam Library on Thursday 21st of April 2016. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you can help please contact us via email to esthermannion@gmail.com or call Esther on 087 2046133.

Transition Year Students are looking for your Help

Transition Year Students are looking for your Help

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